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Jones Consulting

Jones Consulting is an independent company based in Cape Town, South Africa, that provides business coaching and management advisory services. We are passionate about leadership development in a pragmatic and practical manner working with incumbents in a way that evolves the understanding and process relevant to their challenges.


How can we help you?

"We get S.H.I.T. done"

S - Strategy development & deconstruction
H - Human capacity enhancement
I - Integrated performance outcomes
T - Transformation & change management

> Chairman of the BOARD - WESTERN CAPE Liquor Authority 2015- 2018
> TV Personality & Host/Director of business/self-development program - The Big Fantastic Show 2016

> Recipient of AN AWARD FROM THE MAYOR of Cape Town
> Recipient of the Iconic Legend Award for contribution to dance performance art.
> Member of the Institute of Directors South Africa
> Member of the Black Management Forum
> Industry Entrepreneur

Why put your business at risk

When it comes to our health, personal grooming, fitness, entertainment and sound financial advice we have no problem in investing time and money. Doctors, personal trainers as well as organic eating comes at a cost but we can all agree that it is necessary to ensure peace of mind and your personal wellbeing. It is for similar reasons that you as a big or small business need to evaluate your organisation and the best way to do this is to consult an independent business practitioner for a business “health check” at least four times a year. Taking care of your business so it can take care of your successes requires conscious investment and an appreciation of the explorative value that a business practitioner intermediator can bring.

Start limiting your brand and reputational risk

Many companies face the challenges and run the risk of poor implementation of governance. This has been illustrated over the past few years as State-owned Enterprises and private enterprises are being exposed. We all like to think that all is well in our organisation until we are suddenly faced with seriously difficult questions that should have already been resolved or at least considered. Good governance is good business; ensure you limit your personal and organisation’s risk for a negative reputation while building credibility and sustainability.

Your organisation may be heading for trouble if not already in trouble if you;

• are grappling with actualising integrated strategies;
• have no adequate and regular rotation of Non-Executive Directors;
• are concerned about the independence and objectivity of decision-making;
• lack diversity in your executive teams;
• are complacent or have concerns around transparency;
• are not completely sure about your risk profile;
• have an impervious governance culture; and
• do not have regular independent interventions in place.

For many reasons justified by organisations the lack or inability to address governance matters cannot explain away any harms that may occur to organisational performance, reputation and credibility.

Objectives have to be backed by consistent pro-active action that limits your exposure

If you have unanswered questions, unclear about the programmes that need adoption and concerns about the level of independent interventions then you are in a position to exercise your responsibility in;

• taking reasonably diligent steps to become informed;
• ensuring that there is no conflict of interest in relation to the matters and that you comply with the rules; and
• conduct business practices in a rational basis in the best interest of all your stakeholders.

Let us explore your needs today:

S.H.I.T. explained

S - Strategy development and deconstruction
A robust integrated strategy that enables the vision and mission is fundamental to a sustainable organisation. Collective inputs and understanding that the subtotal is greater than the whole philosophy is what is required for a rigorous strategic forward-engineering and reverse-engineering of an adaptable strategy. Independent sense check and facilitation is valuable in providing an objective perspective where the oversight structures my may not provide for large corporates or smaller companies. Contact us to see how to co-opt this tailored function to suit your company requirements.

H - Human capacity enhancement
Enhanced and enlightened leadership has to be an area of excellence. It is through a progressive and deliberate action that we interrupt conditional approaches to “business as usual” evaluation of current regimes that hinder and the ability for personal, professional and organisational excellence. Executive coaching and leadership development is and must be at the forefront of how organisations will enable their intentions and meet the organisational objectives.

I - Integrated performance outcomes
Integrated performs is captured as part of the integrated objectives and reporting. Organisational legitimacy and credibility are formulated by way of an integrated approach which is the transparent narrative to all stakeholders of the organisations of how the organisation has actioned its strategic intention in delivering on its business objectives. Sustainability is intrinsically linked to an integrated approach of business of which real impact must be in the value created for future business and generations.

T - Transformation and change management
We are a product of our environment and our environment a product of us. Transforming the business architecture that coincide with the political, economic, technological, environmental and social has never been more challenging. Keeping pace with the ever-demanding and changing macro, meso and mico-economic landscape is a requirement for business to thrive. The degree to which this is managed will be determined by industry, size and other complexities that are unique to your business. The level of preparedness and ability to pre-empt probabilities can impact the effectiveness of your response. Transformation is a mind-set of staff that is fluid and responsive to the challenges of the business landscape, supportive of each other, committed to the strategic intent operating in an environment that is enabling and enhanced organisational capacity.

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